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English Language Coaching

English Language Coaching is Individualized

John SobreroOne of the most challenging academic endeavors is to leave one’s homeland and study in another country.  There are many components of this challenge including adapting to a different culture, understanding new and different social expectations, finding an appropriate living situation and mastering driving in an unfamiliar physical and regulatory environment.  More daunting than any of these, however, is the difficulty of conducting your academic and daily living pursuits in a language that is not your own.  My efforts are directed toward helping students at the undergraduate, graduate and post doctoral levels.  I am available to work with students to improve both spoken and written communication. 

Academic Assistance

Proof Reading

Most of my work is the proof reading of academic submissions including papers, journal articles, theses and dissertations.  My work deals with a broad spectrum of academic interests including but not limited to engineering (aeronautical, electronic, industrial, textile and traffic) marketing, mathematics, music education, and science.   My objective is to make my students’ works correct and also readable, keeping in mind the academic audience for which they are writing.


Nearly all of us have concerns about delivering presentations.  When I work with a client on a presentation, we first deal with the mechanics of the presentation.  We examine and rationalize each slide to be sure that it presents the intended information and that it is exactly what needs to be covered in order to support the conclusions of the presentation.  I review the language, correct any errors and make suggestions to improve clarity and enhance effect.

After dealing with the mechanics, we then practice delivery.  We discuss language, pronunciation and delivery, including eye contact, gestures, posture and connection to the audience.  I time the presentation to be sure that it fits into the allotted time frame and, where necessary, suggest which slides may be edited or eliminated. 

Whether working with presentations or the written word, the student develops the ideas and I assist in making them presentable and compelling.

Spoken Language

Many of my students have studied English for years.  Nevertheless, they are frustrated and often mystified when required to conduct their daily affairs in the face of a language that sounds very different than what they learned and which uses words, phrases and protocols which are new to them.  I work with students on an individual basis to address specific needs and requirements.  Such needs include connecting and communicating with legal assistance, health care options and terminology, as well as grocery store and lunch counter protocols and many other everyday endeavors which may be annoying or difficult to navigate.